About KCDrift – Midwest Drifting

KCDrift (or KCDA – Kansas City Drift Association) is a community of car enthusiasts based out of the Heartland who have come together to take reasonably good cars and attempt to drive them sideways, all for the sake of fun.

We came from the streets – now we run the track. KCDA started as a group of friends who enjoyed taking corners a little differently. The Kansas City Metro and its surrounding suburbs soon exploded with the smell of burning rubber and the remains of shredded tires painted the streets. The sport of drifting has slid its way into the city of fountains. After finding a place to play, three sponsorships, change of management, and a new name, KCDrift has never been bigger. And we’re not done growing yet.

If you enjoy drifting, driving, or even just cars then we have something for you.